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Starting with the basics of Personal Finance

1: What do you want in life, financially ?
2: What are some common financial mistakes ?
3: What are some common financial myths?
4: How to make your personal finance budget?
5: What is your Net Worth?
6: How do you measure return?
7: The Eighth wonder of the world – Compounding !
8: How does inflation impact your return?
9: Do you have an emergency fund ?
10: How are financial products Mis Sold ?

Types of Investment Options

11: What are the various forms of investment?
12: Types of investment vehicles: Public Provident Fund
13: Types of investment vehicles: National Savings Certificate
14: Types of investment vehicles: Post Office Schemes
15: Types of investment vehicles: Government Securities
16: Types of investment vehicles: Corporate and Infra Bonds
17: Types of investment vehicles: Bank Deposits
18: Types of investment vehicles: Real Estate?
19: Types of investment vehicles: Direct Equity?
20: Types of investment vehicles: Mutual Funds?

Your Investment Strategy

21: Asset allocation defines your returns
22: Why should one have a diversified portfolio?
23: What is your risk profile?
24: Understanding your risk profile?
25: What should your portfolio be like ?
26: How to create a savings fund of Rs. 12+ crores?
27: Benefit from the Power of Compounding?

All about Mutual Funds and Equity

28: Why should one invest in Mutual Funds ?
29: What are the different types of Mutual Funds ?
30: What are Equity Mutual Funds?
31: What are Debt Mutual Funds?
32: What are Hybrid Funds?
33: What are ETFs? International funds? Arbitrage funds?
34: How can I invest in Gold?
35: What is a systematic Investment Plan (SIP)?
36: What should one keep in mind while choosing a good Mutual Fund?
37: How to make extra return on your portfolio?
38: How to invest your lump sum money into Equity market?
39: Myths of Investing directly in the stock markets
40: What is a Demat account and how does it work ?
41: Income and tax slab

Stuff you need to know about Taxation

42: Understand various income heads
43: What is salary and what does salary include?
44: Types of tax benefits on Investment products
45: Taxation of Capital Gains
46: How can I do safe investment for a short span?
47: Set off and Carry forward of Losses
48: Should I select growth or dividend option in case of a mutual fund?
49: Tax Saving Infrastructure Bonds vs Infastructure Bonds
50: How can an NRI open bank account in India?
51: NRI equity investments and taxation in India?
52: NRI Mutual Fund investments and taxation in India?
53: What are the Income Tax rules on sale of a house?
54: 7 incomes you shouldn't forget to declare

Do you have (enough) Insurance ?

55: Steps in insurance planning
56: What are the different types of insurance products ?
57: What is bonus in case of a Life-insurance?
58: Types of Life Insurance Policies
59: Riders on a Life Insurance Policy
60: Types of Non-Life Insurance Products
61: How do you calculate your life insurance needs?
62: What type of insurance do you need?

Advice on Planning

63: Retirement planning is not for the old
64: How to determine your retirement expenses?-Part I
65: How to determine your retirement investments?-Part II
66: What is the amount you should be saving now for your retirement?
67: What are the kinds of retirement products?
68: What are the various mandatory retirement saving products?
69: What is a NPS voluntary retirement saving option?
70: What are pension plans offered by insurance companies?
71: What are pension plans offered by mutual funds?
72: If you are already retired, what are your options for creating pensions during retirement?
73: So many retirement products but which one should I buy?
74: Buying your first home
75: How can Real estate help you during your retirement?
76: Alternative to pension plans?
77: 10 things to do before you Retire
78: What should I do with my Bonus?
79: Should I buy a flat or rent one?
80: Why you don't want to be Amitabh Bachchan?
81: How can you not become victim of mis-selling?
82: Do I need professional to help me with my finances?
83: Can I take care of my financial matters myself and my family in the future?
84: Higher Education is expensive, why not plan for it!
85: True returns for the Investors
86: 5 steps to the perfect finacial plan

To Do / How To Stuff

87: Which should you use - Credit or Debit Cards?
88: 6 things you should NOT try and save money on
89: Should you hire a Financial Planner or Wealth Manager?
90: When and why to rebalance your Portfolio?
91: Why is your credit score very important?
92: Which loans should you pay off first?
93: The 3 starters to Managing Debt Effectively?
94: How to avoid the cycle of Bad Debt?
95: Things you should know about PPF
96: From whom to buy mutual funds
97: How to Open Post Office Monthly Income Scheme
98: How to buy National Savings Certificate
99: Want to invest in bonds but don't know where to start?
100: How to buy life insurance?

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